‘Tis the season of sending Christmas cards. Sharing holiday greetings should be joyful, not stressful. I put together this simple guide for addressing envelopes so you can spend less time worrying about grammar and formalities and more time enjoying the holiday season.

The holiday greetings you want to share start with the envelope. I address my envelopes the way I talk in real life. My guide is modern – no formal greetings included. I want my family and friends to get a warm, friendly feeling when they open the envelope.

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Sending to a Family – Use the family’s last name to address the envelope.
The Grey Family or The Greys

Blended Family – Use a hyphenated family last name or add “and Family.”
Ben and Miranda Warren and Family
Bailey-Warren Family

Married Couple – Write their preferred name and either name can go first.
Alex and Jo Karev

Unmarried Couple Living Together – Write both of their first and last names, and either name can go first.
Owen Hunt and Amelia Shepherd

Married Couple with Different Last Names – Write both of their first and last names, and either name can go first.
Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd

Single Friend or Family Member – Write their preferred name.
Maggie Pierce



Are you wondering the grammatical way to make a last name plural? Here’s an easy quick sheet. The most common mistake to making last names plural is adding an apostrophe. Apostrophes show possession, not that there are more than one person in your household. If you remember to never use an apostrophe and use the guide below to add an “s” or “es” to the end of the last name, you’ll be all set for envelope addressing.


Add “es” to last names ending in s, x, z, ch, sh Add “s” to all other last names
Jameses Greys
Foxes Warrens
Fitzes Shepherds
Finches Karevs
Walshes Hunts

Happy Holidays!

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